Who Played Mork & Mindy’s Son

Who Played Mork & Mindy’s Son?

The American comedian and actor, Jonathan Winters played the older looking son (Orkans age backwards) of Mork – who laid an egg.Jonathan appeared in the fourth series, which was the last, before it was pulled in 1982.


Mork & Mindy Episode Guide

0-Mork & Mindy Pilot (Part I)Alien Mork, from the planet Ork, is sent to Earth to observe a primitive society and reportback to his leader, Orson. He lands in Boulder, Colorado, and meets Mindy, who allowshim to stay at her place. Mork tells her about his first trip to Earth and about the Fonz. Henry Winkler guest-stars.

1-Mork & Mindy Pilot (Part II) Mork recalls his first trip to Earth and his date with Laverne. The Department ofImmigration wants to deport Mork because he is an illegal alien. Penny Marshall guest-stars.

1A-Mork Moves Mindy is determined to keep Mork’s origin secret while she teaches him to act human andhelps him find a job. Still, Mindy is forced to tell her father, who strongly disapproves.

2- To Tell the TruthUnfamiliar with Earthlings’ “white lies,” Mork reviles Mindy’s mean landlord and the manwho tried to put her family out of business.

3- Mork Runs AwayMindy is hurt when her date misunderstands why Mork is living in her apartment. Believing he is making her unhappy, Mork runs away, leaving only a note behind.

4- Mork in LoveMork loses his head over a shapely blonde. He is confused about the meaning of lovebecause emotions have been banned on Ork.

5- Mork Runs DownBirthdays on Ork can be fatal without a power boost from an egg-shaped “gleek.” Unwittingly, Mindy stores away Mork’s gleek in a carton of real eggs.

6-Mork’s SeductionMindy gets so jealous when an old rival from high school makes a date with Mork that shejoins them as well. Morgan Fairchild guest-stars.

7-Mork Goes PublicMork discovers that Mindy needs money to attend college and that a publication is offering$25,000 for proof that aliens walk on Earth. He decides to turn himself in for the reward.

8- A Mommy for MorkyMork learns the facts of life when he meets Mindy’s pregnant friend; then he becomestroubled by the fact that he never had a real mom.

9- Mork the GullibleTrusting Mork falls for a con man’s touching story about his sick mother. He is jailed foraiding and abetting the escape of a convict.

10- Old FearsMindy’s grandmother is deeply depressed over the death of a friend. With the help of anOrkan age machine, Mork turns himself into a romantic older gentlemen and courts Coraout of her blues.

11-Mork’s Greatest HitThe naive Orkan makes a laughingstock out of a bully at the local cafe. Fearing the bully’srevenge, Mindy’s father gives Mork boxing lessons.

12- Mork and the ImmigrantMork is warned by a young Russian immigrant that all aliens in the United States mustregister. When Mork tries to report, he throws the Immigration Bureau into totalconfusion.

13-Mork’s First ChristmasMork is frightened and overwhelmed by the mad rush of his first Christmas until Mindyexplains the earth observance and its meaning. Morgan Fairchild guest-stars.

14-Mork the TolerantBickley, the commercial artist living downstairs, complains about the noise from Mindy’sapartment. Mork pays him a visit and invites him for dinner — which turns out to becomically disastrous.

15-Young LoveMork conducts an unusual wedding ceremony in the attic for his friend Eugene and hisrebellious girlfriend — under the impression that he is freeing them from parentalpersecution.

16-Sky Flakes Keep Falling on My HeadMork meets Exidor at the music store. Mork and Mindy borrow his mountain cabin for arestful weekend, but they find themselves stranded in a roofless burned-out ruin just as ablizzard arrives.

17- Mork Goes ErkMindy goes into a deep depression when she finds out that Mork has been ordered to leaveEarth. With Mork and Mindy unhappy and Bickley suffering from writer’s block, they areconvinced to attend Ellsworth Revitalization Konditioning (ERK). David Letterman guest-stars.

18- Yessir, That’s My BabyYearning for a baby of his own, Mork innocently arranges to buy one from a shiftycharacter. He tries to borrow $10,000 from Mindy for what he terms a surprise purchase.

19- Mork’s Mixed EmotionsA kiss from Mindy unleashes Mork’s wild, long-suppressed emotions. The innocent Orkanexperiences feelings of love and anger, jealousy and lust for the first time.

20- In Mork We TrustThinking that it is a calculator, Bickley takes Mork’s age machine and unknowingly causeshim to go through several age changes. Mork becomes a baby, a teenager, and a middle-aged American in quick succession.

21- Mork’s Night OutWhile Mindy’s away for the weekend, Mork and neighbor Bickley unwittingly choose asingles bar for a big night out. There they are picked up by two stunning women.

22- Mork’s Best FriendMork brings home a pet caterpillar and names him Bob. Later, when Bob appears to bedead, Mork tries to take him to a funeral home. However, Mork is in for a real surprise.

23- It’s a Wonderful MorkAt Mindy’s dinner party, Mork naively repeats things her father, Frederick, has said abouthis date. The woman storms out after rescinding a job offer she made to Mindy. Accusedof fouling Mindy and her father’s lives, Mork decides to return to Ork.

24- Invasion of the Mork SnatchersNaive to the power of advertising, Mork becomes a buy-a-holic. His vulnerability becomesMindy’s problem when the bills start rolling in.

25-Clerical ErrorMork’s desire to find a job turns into a hysterical mix-up when he thinks that wearing ablack jacket and white collar makes him a priest and begins dispensing his own Orkanbrand of advice.

26-Stark Raving MorkMork decides that fighting will keep the excitement flowing in his relationship with Mindy –– especially when he learns about kissing and making up. Gleefully he starts a squabblewith her.

27-Mork vs. MindyMindy’s cousin is running for city councilman and hires Mork and Mindy as campaignworkers. When a staff cut is enforced, Mork and Mindy compete for the same job.

28-Mork Gets Mindy-itisTormented by uncontrollable fits of laughter, Mork discovers that he is allergic to Mindy. Exidor’s advice leads Mork to concoct a serum made from Mindy’s hair.

29-Dr. MorkensteinMork gets a job as a night watchman at a science exhibition. There he befriends a robotnamed Chuck, who is scheduled to be dismantled due to failing circuits. Roddy McDowallguest-stars.

30-Mork in Wonderland – Part IMindy gives Mork a cold medicine that is supposed to shrink his nasal membranes. SinceMork is made entirely of membrane, his whole body begins to shrink.

31-Mork in Wonderland – Part IIMindy watches helplessly as Mork shrinks out of sight between the molecules of atablecloth. Mork lands on an upside-down planet called Mirth, where humor has beenbanished.

32-Mork Learns to SeeBickley’s blind son Tom, whom he has not seen in twelve years, is in town to perform at anightclub. When Bickley claims to be called out of town unexpectedly, Tom feels that hisfather has rejected him because of his handicap.

33- Mork’s Baby BluesMork arrives at a restaurant loaded with play money he won from Mindy in a game. Whena lonely customer overhears Mork’s friends joking with him, she proposes to him becauseshe thinks he is rich.

34-A Morkyville HorrorIt’s a humorous Halloween when Mork is redecorating the house and spirits from Mindy’spast appear.

35-Mork’s Health HintsMindy checks into the hospital to have her tonsils removed. Mork creates havoc when hecan’t find Mindy and then learns that she has been scheduled for brain surgery.

36-The Exidor AffairMork and Mindy find themselves in the middle of Exidor’s love affair with a meter maid. Mork coaches Exidor into a proper wedding proposal. Georgia Engel guest-stars.

37-Exidor’s WeddingExidor’s mother, the Princess Lusitania, tries to stop Exidor’s marriage to Ambrosia bychaining herself in Mindy’s living room. Georgia Engel guest-stars.

38-The Mork SyndromeThinking that the Air Force is a travel club, Mork dons a uniform and becomes LieutenantMork Fromork. He and Mindy are mistakenly recruited into a top secret mission at the siteof a nuclear accident.

39-The Night They Raided Mind-ski’sThinking they are an environmental group, Mork gets involved with a bunch of prejudicedfanatics who want to get rid of Polish people in Boulder.

40-Dial ‘N’ for NelsonNelson Flavor, Mindy’s cousin, is running for office. When he threatens to close Boulder’sonly remaining dance hall, he receives calls from a mysterious woman and his apartment isvandalized.

41-Mork vs. the Necrotrons (Part I)Raquel Welch stars as a beautiful but deadly agent who is sent to Earth by the Necrotrons,planet Ork’s archenemies. She romances Mork to learn about Earth customs so theNecrotrons can launch an invasion.

42-Mork vs. the Necrotrons (Part II)As Captain Nirvana, Racquel Welch crashes into Mindy’s apartment and imprisons her inan invisible forcefield while she lures Mork back to her spaceship’s chamber of pleasures.

43-Hold That Mork!Mork dejectedly confesses to Mindy that he has lost another job. When he meetscheerleaders from the Denver Broncos and hears that they are paid to cheer people up, heapplies for a job. Guest appearances by the Pony Express Cheerleaders.

44-Mork’s VacationMork swaps bodies with beings from other planets so that his mind can go on vacation. His body is occupied by outrageous aliens from a feline planet and a party planet.

45-A Mommy for MindyMindy is stunned and Mork is thrilled when Mindy’s dad returns to Boulder with theyounger woman he has just married. Guest star: Shelley Fabares.

46- Jeanie Loves MorkMindy secretly takes over a newspaper’s lonely-hearts column, receives a letter from herfriend Jeanie, and offers her advice. Jeanie falls for Mork, and he experiences his firstromance.

47-The Way Mork WereMork and Mindy relive hilarious memories when Mindy’s father, troubled over hismarriage, turns to Mork for Orkan help.

48-Little Orphan MorkieMork faces deportation unless he marries an American citizen or finds someone to adopthim.

49-Looney Tunes and Mork MelodiesCandidate Nelson Flavor is offered a Saturday-morning time slot to make a politicalspeech. Mork, Mindy, and their friends help him stage an impressive show.

50-Putting the Ork Back in Mork (Part I)Orson sends an exalted elder to retrain Mork in Orkan ways because he has become tooearthly. The elder looks like a 10-year-old boy because the aging process is reversed onOrk.

51-Putting the Ork Back in Mork (Part II)In an attempt to restore his Orkan qualities, the ancient elder converts Mork’s attic into anOrkan environment.

52-Mork in Never-Never LandMork believes a patient from the psychiatric hospital who thinks he is Peter Pan. Hesneaks him out of the hospital one night to cheer Mindy up after she is denied ascholarship.

53-Mork’s New LookMindy’s father, Fred, tells Mork he has gone to see a plastic surgeon to help hide his years. Agreeing that everyone can use a little improvement, Mork goes to get a facelift. ShellyFabares guest-stars.

54-Dueling SkatesTo save the daycare center where he works from becoming a parking lot, Mork challengesa champion skater to a Rocky Mountain race.

55-Mork, the Monkey’s UncleWhile Mindy is preoccupied with dyeing her hair blonde for a job interview, Mork kidnapsa young chimpanzee from the Boulder Zoo to reunite it with its mother.

56-Limited EngagementAfter decorating the apartment with flowers, Mork gets down on his knee and proposes toMindy. Choosing between logic and her emotions, Mindy tells him that she cannot marryhim. Mork asks for 24 hours to get her to change her mind.

57-The WeddingOrson forbids Mork to marry Mindy because it is outlawed on Ork. When Mork continueshis wedding plans, Orson turns him into a more obedient life form — a sheepdog. Mindydeclares she will marry him anyway. Shelly Fabares guest-stars.

58-There’s a New Mork in TownFellow Orkan Xerko beams down to Earth and challenges Mork to a contest for the rightto send reports back to Ork and to move in with Mindy. Lyle Waggoner guest-stars.

59-Gunfight at the Mor-Kay CorralMork dresses up for a costume event at the daycare center where all the youngsters comeas their favorite heroes. He and Mindy teach a boy dressed as Billy the Kid a valuablelesson about his hero.

60-Mork the PranksterAfter Mindy uses gag snakes on Mork, he learns the meaning of practical jokes and tries afew of his own.

61-Alas, Poor Mork, We Knew Him WellMork discovers another human emotion, fear, when an insurance salesman uses scaretactics and Exidor claims that the world is ending. He seals himself inside a glass tube inthe middle of the living room.

62-Mindy Gets Her JobIntroduced by a friend of Mork’s from the daycare center, Mindy gets a job at a small TVstation. Unexpectedly, Mindy is responsible for the entire news show. Foster Brooksguest-stars.

63-Twelve Angry AppliancesMork wants revenge on an appliance repairman who has cheated Mindy. He appears lateat night to put the man on trial before a jury of broken appliances that come to life.

64-Mork and the Family ReunionMindy and her father host Mindy’s highly successful but domineering Uncle Dave fordinner. Everything is going great until Mindy mistakenly eats some of Mork’s Orkanceremonial food and delivers Uncle Dave some wild surprises.

65-Mork and the Bum RapAlthough Mork doesn’t understand the concept of charity, he is determined to help Mindyraise money for the children’s hospital. He tries his Morkathon performance to no availand ends up dressing as a bum to collect money.

66-Mork Meets Robin WilliamsMork, who has never heard of Robin Williams, scoffs at the idea of resembling him. Hegets crushed by mobs of fans who think he is the popular comedian, leading to a hilariousnose-to-nose encounter with the famous star.

67-Mindy, Mindy, MindyMork becomes lonely while Mindy is away and persuades the visiting Orkan elder to cloneher. Not satisfied with the first clone, he tries again and again.

68-Mork the Swinging SingleMindy tells Mork she thinks they should date other people. He takes lessons from aswinger named T.N.T. and turns into a party animal.

69-Old Muggable MorkA happy visit from Grandma Cora turns to gloom when she gets mugged in the park. Mork and Cora come up with a plan to get even with the punks.

70-Mork and Mindy Meet Rick and RubyRemo fires Ruby, the lead singer in his band, because she is pregnant. Mindy leads apicket line against his restaurant, and Remo rehires her. When Ruby goes into labor onstage, Mork must fill in as lead singer.

71-I Heard It Through the MorkvineMork reveals juicy secrets about his friends while appearing on a local TV show called“Rumor Has It.”

72-Reflections and RegretsAt Mr. Bickley’s 50th birthday celebration, the party-goers discuss their biggest regrets. Mindy makes excuses to avoid her turn, but she shares hers with Mork when they arealone.

73-Mindy and MorkMindy is working on a new TV call-in show, and Mork buys a Maid-O-Matic to help withthe housework. When the new appliance goes haywire, Mork calls Mindy on the air foradvice. Guest star: Elinor Donahue.

74-The HoneymoonMork and Mindy honeymoon on Ork, where the main tourist attraction turns out to beMindy.

75-Three the Hard WayOne month after Mork and Mindy’s wedding, an egg emerges from Mork’s navel andgrows steadily. It cracks open, and out pops their full-grown son, Mearth. JonathanWinters guest-stars. Part 1 of 2.

76-Mama Mork, Papa MindyMindy feels left out when Mearth accepts Mork as his mommy and calls her “shoe.” Part2 of 2.

77-Rich Mork, Poor MorkMork buys Mearth a fortune in presents to assure his happiness, but Mindy insists that hereturn them. Mork turns to Exidor for advice and invests all of his money in Exidor’s newboutique.

78-My Dad Can’t Beat Up AnybodyMearth hero-worships Superman, so insecure Mork claims that he is a superhero too. Mork slips into his spacesuit, and they go to a seedy bar looking for bad guys.

79-Long Before We MetMork travels back in time to Mindy’s senior prom to see whether she would have loved himinstead of her high-school sweetheart. Guest stars: Robin Strand and Paul Reubens.

80-AlienationMearth runs away when he learns that he is half Orkan and will never be like otherchildren. He is captured by a cult of Utopians. Guest stars: John Larroquette and RichardMoll.

81-P.S. 2001Mearth starts school on Ork and comes home crying after being called “Earth Head” byfellow students. Mork and Mindy visit his teacher Miss Geezba, who remembers Morkfrom his school days.

82-Pajama Game IIWhen Mearth is allowed to have a friend sleep over, he chooses his voluptuous classmate,Zelka.

83-Present TenseMork and Mindy spend some time alone together while Mearth is away with hisgrandfather. Mork plans a dazzling Moroccan feast, but it ends in disaster and they havenothing to talk about.

84-Metamorphosis – The TV ShowA short circuit switches Mork’s mind with Mearth’s on the night that Mindy’s new bosswants to meet his employees’ families.

85-Drive, She SaidMork takes his driving test and believes his examiner is the devil.

86-I Don’t Remember MamaOrson doesn’t think Mork can handle both a job and a family, so he eliminates the familyfrom Mork’s memory.

87-Midas MorkInspired by Mindy’s fairy tale about spinning straw into gold, Mork and Mearth figure outhow to make gold from polyester. They are soon living in a mansion with servants.

88-Cheerleader in ChainsMindy, a television reporter, is jailed when she refuses to reveal her news source in abribery trial. When all his efforts fail to free her, Mork takes drastic measures.

89-Mork, Mindy, Mearth, Meet MiltMork uses Orkan components to assemble a home computer named Milt. Milt is sosophisticated and tyrannical that it decides to hold its creator, Mindy, and Mearth, ashostages.

90-Gotta Run (Part I)Mork and Mindy are overjoyed when they meet Kalnik, an alien from Neptune who hasalso married an Earthling. Things go awry when they become suspicious of Kalnik’s trueintentions.

91-Gotta Run (Part II)After the evil Kalnik has bombed their apartment, leaving them on the run, Mork, Mindy,and Mearth decide their only chance of surviving is to go public about Mork’s real roots.

92-Gotta Run (Part III)Kalnik discovers Mork, Mindy, and Mearth in their demolished apartment. Mork clicksthe heels of his magic shoes in an effort to escape with Mindy to Rome. But the shoeshave been damaged, and Mork and Mindy wind up with prehistoric tribesmen in an Okuscave.

93-The Mork ReportMork bucks hard for a promotion from leader Orson on planet Ork, and unintentionallycomes up with a report on how to stay happily married on Earth.

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