Family Feud Questions (TV Gameshows)




Worst Family Feud Answers


Who hasn’t watched Family Feud and seen someone give the craziest answer to a question?  Well here are some of the questions and the worst answers that were given.
Question: Name a former President that most people would say is honest.
#1 Answer: Lincoln
Worst Answer: Nixon
Question: Besides San Francisco, name a city that begins with the word San.
#1 Answer: San Diego
Worst Answer: Seattle
Question: Name a slang term used for important people.
#1 Answer: V.I.P.

Worst Answer: Buddy


Question: Name something packrats have a hard time throwing out.

#1 Answer: Photos

Worst Answer: Corn


Question: Name something that might annoy a gardener.

#1 Answer: Bugs

Worst Answer: Not getting paid on time


John O’Hurley

Question: Name a reason a man might send his wife flowers.

#1 Answer: Anniversary

Worst Answer: Happy divorce


Question: Name a term used in football.

#1 Answer: Touchdown

Worst Answer: Fastbreak


Question: Name a special request people ask for when making a dinner reservation.

#1 Answer: Non-smoking

Worst Answer: A menu


Question: Name someone you wouldn’t want to get a phone call from.

#1 Answer: The police

Worst Answer: Your son


Question: Name a classical music composer everyone knows.

#1 Answer: Mozart

Worst Answer: Julio Iglesias


Question: Tell me something specific you should drink a lot of when you’re sick.

#1 Answer: Water

Worst Answer: Alcohol


Question: Name something you’d hate to find at the end of
your nose.

#1 Answer: Pimple

Worst Answer: Lint


Question: Name the worst kind of shoe to run a marathon in.

#1 Answer: High heels

Worst Answer: Scuba flippers


Question: Name something a person wouldn’t want living in their house.

#1 Answer: Relatives

Worst Answer: Mold


Question: Name a musician who goes by one name.

#1 Answer: Madonna

Worst Answer: Reba McIntyre


Question: Name something you think would be difficult about being a waiter.

#1 Answer: Taking orders

Worst Answer: Falling down


Question: Name a unit of currency used in a country other than the U.S.

#1 Answer: Peso

Worst Answer: Ampere


Question: Name a reason why a woman might not want to kiss her boyfriend.

#1 Answer: Bad breath

Worst Answer: She doesn’t love him that much.


Question: Name something you do in front of your husband that you probably never did when you were dating.

#1 Answer: Undress

Worst Answer: Make out


Question: Name a complaint you might have about the pizza that was just delivered.

#1 Answer: It’s cold

Worst Answer: It went to the wrong address


Question: Name an animal many people are scared of.

#1 Answer: Snake

Worst Answer: Boar


Question: Name something you need to play Scrabble.

#1 Answer: Letters

Worst Answer: Dice


Question: Name the age when a man might start to lose a lot of hair.

#1 Answer: 30

Worst Answer: 14


Question: Name the best month to schedule a wedding.

#1 Answer: June

Worst Answer: Summer

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